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2013-01-22 17:05:43 by SlankzD

2013 is going to be one hell of a year for me because im releasing a mixtape every month this year... The last Saturday of every month to be exact! If you would like to follow my #12Per12 up just hit my hulkshare -> ... I fuccs wit alot of producers on this site, matter fact i only fucc with producers on this site lol soo yea, i always give credit though.. not giving producers credit is just grimy to me.. but yea download my "1st To Stand" on the 26th though!


2012-10-02 19:35:55 by SlankzD

Im not on newgrounds much so I just uploaded some of the songs all of you have been missing out on, if you like my work you should text the word "join" to (530) 475-2659

BAM!!! Where Tha Hell Is JP??

2009-07-15 11:50:43 by SlankzD

KK IM Back!
SlankzD and umm. all i gotta sai is... BAM!!
lol jk jk